In this “age of information,” news and facts are more accessible than ever before.  Yet the true power is not in harboring knowledge, but rather the ability to analyze, interpret, and make connections to the larger picture.  The role of the teacher as simply the source of information has become obsolete with the rise of easily obtainable factual knowledge.  Today, educators have a much more difficult task: to help students sort through the expanse of data in order to be creative, innovative problem-solvers. In my classroom, interdisciplinary co-learning begins with inquiry and focuses on broad themes that are intimately connected to the larger world.  I seek to create a learning environment that is not a bubble, but rather a permeable space where we invite in other disciplines and seek to share what we learn and experience with the world around us. I believe that all classrooms, and visual art classrooms in particular, are avenues for developing critical thinking skills that will deeply enrich students’ lives far beyond the reaches of the classroom.  I will know my students have been successful if they become curious, confident, and empowered to seek out information on their own.


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